Ask Mr. Biggs #0006 – Mr. Biggs suggests a 33 1/3% gratuity

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Has the cleanest undercarriage he has ever had.
  • Says the Pressure Overload Sensor is there for cosmetic purposes only.
  • Has something about oil he wants to say. Later.
  • Loves phone calls. Well, generally. Not always. Sometimes he doesn’t care for them. They’ve been known to go poorly. Sometimes.
  • Saves plenty of time by typing “commercial at” rather than “at”.
  • Utilizes subtle facial gestures to convey the subtext of his words.

16 Replies to “Ask Mr. Biggs #0006 – Mr. Biggs suggests a 33 1/3% gratuity”

  1. OK here I am needling you on YOUR blog. Get with the friggin program Cecil. You promised Show#0007 10 days ago. No can see.
    Give it up pussy boy. Don’t make us send a team down to Lancaster.

  2. Anonymous posts make it difficult to respond. So I suppose I’ll do it here.

    Listen, Anonymous. I don’t care for your sass. I don’t recall promising shinola on any specific date. If you’ve got evidence of that, present it here. I’ll offer a mea culpa. Show me the yin, I’ll present my yang.

    #0007 IS currently in pre-production, that much I’ll say. The storyboards are complete, and Roger is busy painting sets. Chuck is still trying to get that permit for incediaries. We’re all working as hard as possible to bring you a quality #0007 first, a timely #0007 second.

    Everyone on this show has day jobs. This is a labor of love. And we’re tickled you enjoy it enough to demand fresh content. But simmer down, cupcake. A show a month is likely to be our pace until one of us get fired from our real jobs.


  3. Can’t ya help a guy out? I’m getting blue balls here Biggs. So far I’ve whacked off to Sun Follower’s picture 16 times this week and it is only Tuesday! I really need the silky smooth voice of Cecil Biggs in order to fully enjoy my masturbatory experience.

  4. That’s inappropriate.

    Don’t make me have to start previewing comments again, please.

    That will delay show production further.

  5. I would not want to delay production because that would ultimately delay my gratification… heh heh heh

  6. Friggin wienie boy Jason’s blog just went tits up leaving us with no source of entertainment save this measly forum. And Cecil hides behind Chuck’s skirt offering us no satisfaction in giving him a hard time directly.

    I’m thinking of starting my own blog so people would be free to fling shit in any direction that pleases them.

  7. We know that Jason is faking his travelblog and is hiding out somewhere in West Hollywood. So any SoCal podcasters who know his actual whereabouts and would like some serious funding for their podcast… well let’s say arrangements can be made.

  8. Episode 0007 is in the final phase of prodution, and out this week, likely.

    Mr. Biggs is recovering comfortably.

  9. barring any BLOGGER meltdowns,…you’ll have your episode 0007 tonight before 10pm.



  10. I recently discovered this podcast through iTunes. I must say, after 6 episodes, I am hooked. This is some funny, funny stuff. Keep up the good work!

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