Ask Mr. Biggs #0007 – Mr. Biggs doesn’t eat breakfast

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Finds ambrosia to be a refreshing treat.
  • Thinks that Kathleen Turner is still vaguely attractive, on some level.
  • Doesn’t care for math.
  • Was surprised to find that Goldschlager’s got gold in it.
  • Would like folks to keep an eye on that Stuart Anderson.
  • Doesn’t think the caller should tip his hand on “that kind of thing.”

12 Replies to “Ask Mr. Biggs #0007 – Mr. Biggs doesn’t eat breakfast”

  1. Excellent question.

    Simply call the toll-free number during the show.

    Thanks for listening.


  2. Something went horribly wrong with the show,(Show #0007). I was listening and at the end Biggs calls radioshack to order a component when all of a sudden dead air. It just stops. No “thanks for listening folks”, no closing theme song, no bumper music and most importantly no public apology.
    What kind of production values are these? I’d fire Chuck if I were you.

    P.S. Sun Follower, I have had no problem calling it to the show. The trick is to call about 5 minutes before airtime and tell them what you want to talk about. They will put you on hold and pick up later in the show. These folks are professionals.

  3. Bravo! Great show! More! More! More!

    Biggs, you are a GOD… nothing less.

    (Ditch that Chuck Gavin punk first chance you get. He is trouble with a capital T.)

  4. “Tomorrow may never come so I’ll follow the sun…”

    Now lemme ask ya… how does a working stiff such as myself get next to a class broad like Sun Follower? I gots some needs and I think she is the right little chickadee to fulfill them.

    And Biggs, don’t gimme no crap about this being inappropriate. You get laid all the time so you cannot know the depth of my needs.

  5. Nice going genius. You gave Jason the idea to turn on blog-owner approval and now the fun is over on his Random Ramblings blog. You just love to suck the joy out of life don’t you? Ah the hell with it. I need to go somewhere where the people are not oppressed by the man.

    Adios, fuckero.

  6. 10 = ten… X… dix…
    10 = what Bo Derek was.
    10 = the number of fingers on my hands counting the thumbs.
    10 = cc’s in the average ejaculation.
    10 = number of planets in our solar system.
    10 = the word before “hut” yelled by the Drill Instructor.
    10 = number of pennies it used to take to buy cracker jacks.
    10 = the southern highway across the US.
    10 = monkeys jumping on the bed.
    10 = the percentile I was in in my high school graduating class.
    10 = the number of friggin days without a new Biggscast.

  7. OK biggie my boy. It’s a new month… where is the new episode?

    And how come Sun Follower hasn’t called me for some “matress mombo” time?

  8. Ah, Time, gentlemen. Your adoring audience is getting restless. Traditionally, the way these things go bad is when the producers get a little lazy or sidetracked and then the intervals between the shows get longer and longer until listeners just give up. Research has shown that intermitant re-enforcement works best, but the intervals must not exceed a reasonable length of time. Now here is the rub. How do you determine what a reasonable length of time is? If you guess short then you are mired in production tasks and won’t get any quality time on that new bong you got for Christmas. If you guess long then your project goes ghost-town on you. For example: the Corndog and Beppo blog came out like gang busters and was shooting to the top of the charts when the author met a vivacous redhead in a bar and spent the next six month in bed. Now you probably couldn’t find that blog. His interval was too long. On the otherhand, if you did a radio show like, say, John and Ken in LA, and ran it 5 days a week, you listeners with more than two working brain cells will soon drop off due to bored cause by repetition. The John and Ken show only works in LA. (For obvious reasons). It would never fly in San Francisco.
    Alas, I digress. The point here, lads, is you must be more diligent. Someday this will be a smash comercial success and you can have all the cocaine-soaked babes that your dirty little desires can handle. ONLY IF YOU PRODUCE MORE SHOWS.

  9. I appreciate all these posts under different names.

    It’s really adding to the illusion that we have people listening!

    Again, as I’ve told you several times…

    Once a month. This is a MONTHLY publication.

    I won’t be addressing this again.

    Production has been delayed further by a toxic material leak at Whizzbang’s! early last week.

    It’s keen that you “all” enjoy the show. But if once a month isn’t enough for you, I sadly regret that you’ll have to look elsewhere. We’re not McDonalds. We’re In-N-Out…with a very long drive-thru line.

    0008 is in post production right now. No release date is set…perhaps within a week.

    While you’re waiting…how about shooting us a review on iTunes? We could really use the exposure. Just click the iTunes link under any episode, and your iTunes software will automatically open to our page and non-existent reviews.

    Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.


  10. Breakfast is evil. Well, unless beer is involved. But then that’s either lunch or a continuation of the night before.

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