Ask Mr. Biggs #0008 – Mr. Biggs urges consistency

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Admits he finds accordions lovely.
  • Recommends using statistics to your advantage.
  • Understands the heartbreak of premature greying.
  • Says Toastmasters changed his life.
  • Recently discovered that “HazMat” is not an acronym.
  • Doesn’t watch Animal Planet all that much.

11 Replies to “Ask Mr. Biggs #0008 – Mr. Biggs urges consistency”

  1. Sheesh! I go on a little vacation to the shores of lake Superior and Biggs slips in a new episode while I’m gone.

    I have to go get drunk first, but when I sober up I’ll give it a listen

    Thanks Biggs!

  2. This is like the end of this blog and stuff right? I mean there ain’t gonna be anymore Biggs shows right? A friend of mine said that one of the guys behind this blog is now in a mental hospital and it doesn’t look good. So you can’t make anymore shows, right?

  3. Patently false.

    I’m working on a feature film project right now. But this will not prevent the show from going on.

    Details forthcoming.


  4. Yeah, that’s you but what about the other guy? The guy in the mental hospital. I bet they don’t even let him watch movies there.

  5. Oh yeah? Well today is SEPTEMBER 11TH!!!!

    Have some respect. Today’s the day that that thing happened, in the place. You know, with that stuff.

    And the last episode was released on August 10th. Not July. The same show you placed this post under.

    I’m a busy man. We’re working on 0009 right now, fancypants.

    Now, I have to go. Joaquin is almost done in the makeup trailer. I’m next for a 5:30 stage call.


  6. You fucking REPUBLICIAN! Using 9-11 to justify any action you want. What, have you been moonlighting as a speech writer for the Whitehouse?

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