Show #0009 – Mr. Biggs: Actor

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Is starring in an upcoming feature film.
  • Says folks on a tight budget enjoy the sensible value of variety meats.
  • Wonders at which point a lot of carrots becomes too many.
  • Turns to collaborative internet resources for researching his facts.
  • Says Joaquin Phoenix breaks a common stereotype regarding actors.
  • Won’t forget his firsthand run-in with Mark Wahlberg anytime soon.

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blank white

Posted on September 20th, 2006

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  • Anonymous 21Sep06

    Brilliant! Thanks for another wonderful episode!

  • Lisa 21Sep06

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for the new episode, jonesin’ for my dose of Biggs.

  • Anonymous 27Sep06

    I don’t get it.

  • Mr. Biggs 27Sep06

    Me neither.


  • Reverend Bob 28Sep06

    I listened to this episode and I have to be honest… Biggscast has jumped the shark.

    Best of luck to you on future projects, but this one is D.O.A.

  • Mr. Biggs 28Sep06

    You’re very sweet. Thanks.

    I just wish you were more specific about why you love this show so much. But as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

    And don’t worry about future projects getting in the way. I’m multitasker.

    D.O.A. back attcha, Cheif. Whatever that means. What’s that? Some sort of hacker speak? Like, “fly”, or “neat”?

    You kids and your text messaging! I got no idea what you’re saying!!! LOL!

    Now you got me doing it! You’re a crazy nut.

    I love ya.

    Talk to you soon. And thanks for listening!


  • Umunhum 30Sep06

    Posting here the actual link to Wikipedia that was used on the show was a stroke of pure genius.

    As they say in the Guiness comercials: BRILLIANT!!

  • Anonymous 04Oct06

    Is Whizzbang a sexual term?

  • Mr. Biggs 04Oct06

    It may be.

    Whizzbangs!, however, is the name of my resturaunt/nightclub.

    Whizzbangs! Where the fun never ends, and the party’s never ending!


  • Stand Up Comic 05Oct06

    What do you call 4 Mexicans drowning?

    Quatro sinko!

    Hahahahaha I gotta million of ’em!

  • Mr. Biggs 05Oct06

    That’s 5 and 6 in American.

    Or maybe you mean 56? It’s not clear from your post.

    Is 56 the police code for guys drowning? In Mexican?

    If there’s millions of these fellas drowning, I’m sure they’ve got a code of some sort. It would make it much more easier for those federale guys to answer all those drowning guy police calls.

    Have you ever heard one of those police radios? They’re crazy fun. My friend Kenny has one. It’s fantasic.


  • Anonymous 08Oct06

    I’m bored. Entertain me already. It’s your job to entertain me so get with it. Come on, I ain’t got all day. Let’s see some boffo yucks. Come on…

  • Anonymous 09Oct06

    Dude, it’s fucking free! Get over your bad self. Sheesh! You just can’t please anybody anymore.

  • Anonymous 09Oct06

    I heard Biggs had a death in the family.

  • Anonymous 11Oct06

    Well let’s hope it wasn’t Biggs himself.

  • Anonymous 13Oct06

    Biggs? Biggs are you there? Biggs, come in please. OMIGOD!! Biggs is DEAD!

    Party at my place tonight.

  • Anonymous 16Oct06

    Bigg’s boney hand is reaching from the grave and deleting our comments. How can we fight this zombie-like supernatural power?

  • Anonymous 17Oct06

    I always KNEW that Biggs was evil. Please join me in my prayer:
    Heavenly father, take away the evil Cecil Briggs from us. Our burden is too great to bear. His evil is overpowering. Release us from this hell on earth. Amen

  • Anonymous 18Oct06

    This kind of stuff always gives me a boner.

  • Mr. Biggs 18Oct06

    The staff of The Mr. Biggs Bartered Program is going through some rough times right now. Several people on the staff are out with the flu, and a few are moving from their apartments to that new condo complex off Baxter Ave.

    This, combined with the fact that our flagship radio station is in the process of moving studios, has made it unavoidable that the next Mr. Biggs Show will be deleayed.

    Not long. It will return shortly. This IS NOT PODFADE. THE SHOW IS NOT GOING AWAY.

    Perhaps a week or two.

    If you subscribe to the feed, you will get the new episode as soon as it’s completed.

    While you’re waiting, we sure could use some reviews over on that iTunes deal. Help a brother out.


  • Umunhum 20Oct06

    Not to worry. Take your time. Your loyal fans will still be here when you get your shit together.

    I’m working on some Ipod reviews and here is the best I’ve come up with so far…

    My daddy listens to Biggscast and that’s why he drinks.

    I know, I know… a little rough around the edges.

  • Mr. Biggs 20Oct06

    I like it, actually.


  • Anonymous 21Oct06

    Is 23 comments a new record for this blog?

  • Lenny Schwartz 05Nov06

    Just 2 quick questions:
    1) Why isn’t this blog named biggscast like the gmail address?
    2) Where’s the fuckin’ October episode?

  • My Biggs, right or wrong 08Nov06

    What a ‘tard you are. Biggs clearly state that there were some issues to be worked out on the show and that this was not podfade. So get a grip potato chip, Biggs will cast when he is good and ready and no amount of badgering will change that.

  • Mr. Biggs 08Nov06

    Good point.

    It isn’t podfade.

    I assure you, until the new studios are completed…and the staff medical issues are worked out, a new program is impossible.

    I discuss it with Roger nearly every day. He’s good to go. But he’s the only one.

    The show WILL return shortly, and WILL be be back on our regular monthly schedule. I understand that this hiatus may cost us subscribers. I have already seen the numbers decline. But the way I see it…the Biggscast is worth the wait. It’s rare rose in a sea of stinkweed.

    So patience, kids. Now, I gotta get back to Whizzbangs! and audition some new sous chef candidates.


  • IMA_MORON 09Nov06

    But I like stinkweed.

  • Anonymous 11Nov06

    27 comments? That’s like WAAAAY too many. No, wait, now it’s 28.

    The mind reels!

  • Anonymous 15Nov06

    Is that a picture of Biggs in a chef hat? Is he gay? Is this a gay porn site?

  • Lisa 16Nov06

    I missed Roger at last week’s coupon clipper meeting, I hope he is okay!

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