Ask Mr. Biggs #0013 – Mr. Biggs super-serves his P1s

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Is not familiar with standard Asian pronunciation rules.
  • Argues that microwave meals are underrated.
  • Discourages conflict resolution via physical confrontations.
  • Tends to easily lose track of time when chatting with old friends.
  • Can be fooled by genuine-looking certificates.
  • Questions family alliance when money is involved.

11 Replies to “Ask Mr. Biggs #0013 – Mr. Biggs super-serves his P1s”

  1. Say, this episode seems to be my favorite. And I’ve heard 3 of them!

    This is by far the best one of the three.

    How many have you heard?

    I bet I’ve heard more.



  2. Biggs you schweinhundt, get with the program and put up another show. We are bored to tears with the anti-war movement and global warming issues.

  3. this just sux. Too many lonely nights jacking off to old episodes of the Biggscast.

  4. Funny you mention that.

    And when you hear the next episode, you’ll know why.

    It’s on the way…soon.


  5. No later than Monday, Mr. Pushypants.

    While you’re waiting, why not spread the word about the show? We need to get the listener count up.

    This is the best show on internet no one’s ever heard.


  6. Isn’t that an accomplishment in itself?

    -Mr. Pushypants.

    “I did not have ‘soon’ with that woman.” Bill Clinton

  7. Good point.

    The show is done.

    We’re just re-encoding the bit stream today. The previous encode was incompatible with the codec we were using causing some erratic artifacts and motorboating. The loadletter spring was torqued beyond it’s threshold.

    After all, we want you to have a quality show. Not one with loadletter overtorque. I think I speak for everyone on that point.

    Check back later today. It’ll be up soon.


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