Show #0018 – Mr. Biggs discourages pyrotechnic shenanigans

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Posits his theory regarding the properties of liquid-resistant incendiaries.
  • Continues to be impressed by the depth and breadth of information available from internet resources.
  • Dislikes person-to-porcelain contact.
  • Possesses instant recall for many obscure trade-specific euphemisms.
  • Now knows what to omit from the “special skills” section of his resume.
  • Reveals the versatility of specialty laundry products.

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Posted on April 4th, 2008

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  • royce 13Apr08

    yet another awesome episode…..
    …the pole pig section is aweome….

    my fave of all thus far:
    “Is that where we were going with this.”

    Don’t know why I need such a big ipod, when i only need room for Mr. Bigg.


  • rolls 21Apr08

    I must agree with my compatriot. Mr. Biggs is a cultural treasure, and easily worth every penny I have paid so far. Poor Roger.

  • rolls 28Apr08

    How often are episodes released? Having wept through the first 18 (poor Roger) I am in sore need of a new Biggs infusion, if you know whereof I speak.

  • Biggs 28Apr08

    We shoot for once a month. Episode 0019 is in pre-production….should be out in the next week or two.

    Here’s a warning…there may be veiled references to bestiality. It’s not something I’m proud of, I’m just sayin’. Prepare yourself now.


  • Destin 28Apr08

    Mr. Biggs, here I was under the impression that this was a family radio program! How am I supposed to explain your veiled references to my young five year-old son? He’s far too sharp to not catch on. I guess I’ll have to show him with his Legos….

  • rolls 29Apr08

    Huh, I thought I’d detected veiled references to bestiality in all the episodes so far. Oh well.. Thanks, Mr. Biggs!

  • Big E 07May08

    I find your belief system fascinating, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Seriously, this podcast rocks.

    Gotta go super-serve my P1’s. Keep up the good work.

  • Long time listener 18May08

    Either Roger has taken a creative writing class or this podcast is starting to pick up fans by the looks of these comments.

  • Mcjuggles 21May08

    Where’s Mr. Biggs? New show soon?

  • Biggs 21May08

    0019 is now in post-production. Should be showing up in the RSS feed in a few days. Settle your britches, Mr. Anxious McImmeadiate Satisfactington. Art takes time. Sweet time.


  • Hurricane Hayes 21May08

    Roger sounds very uncomfortable when the conversation steers towards “your junk”… Funny.
    B95! HA! BINGO!

  • McJuggles 23May08

    Did you know that “Mr. Bigg’s” is Nigeria’s first chain of fast food restaurants? I’d see a lawyer, if I was you.

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