Show #0019 – Mr. Biggs Tweaks the Promotions Calendar

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Feels strongly about matching pipe and joint sizes.
  • Extols the expertise of computer manufacturer-provided technical assistance workers.
  • Has doubts about gender authenticity in the celebrity impersonation industry.
  • Uses popular promotions to stimulate customer activity.
  • Laments the flavor degradation of slightly over-cooked coffee.
  • Questions the feasibility of keeping specialty beverage consumption accessories on hand.

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Posted on May 27th, 2008

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  • Biggs 29Sep08

    Thanks, George.

    It’s true. He gave $5.

    In the interest of full transparency in podcasting, we intend to fully disclose how all donated funds are spent.

    I used my $2.50 to purchase a tin of Altoid’s Peppermint Chewing Gum.

    Roger used his to make a payment on his Bed, Bath & Beyond Layaway Plan.

    Thank you. And yes, episode #0020 is currently in pre-production. In return for this $5 donation, we will spend a full hour this afternoon editing phone calls.


  • Biggs 29Sep08

    Rebecca just ponied up a 10 spot.

    Ok. Now the pressure’s mounting.

    You folks seem to be serious.

    Stand by for a rundown on that 10 bucks….


  • Destin 29Sep08

    I can hardly wait! Not for the episode, to find out what you bought. I get the same kind of thrill when those paparazzi-types dig through celebrities’ garbage and tell me all about their stuff. I’m so pumped!

  • George 30Sep08

    Come on folks! Don’t make Rebecca and me do all the heavy lifting. Send anything. $1, $5, $10, the $200 bucks you won at the track. We gotta get this thing moving! (Lo siento, no Pesos, por favor)

  • Biggs 30Sep08

    I believe we have a call line up.

    We’ll set up a recording session shortly.

    Destin…thanks again for your donation.

    I spent my half on premium Finest Call Grenadine.

    Roger spent a portion of his on pens, and is saving the rest for a dry spell. This sub-prime mortgage thing has him all katywhompus.


  • Destin 01Oct08

    I’m glad to hear that Roger finally got a better Pen 15. Judging by his excited reaction to their mention, it seems like he sure loves those things.

  • Danny Boy 05Oct08

    I’m in for $10, and just so you know, I was saving that for a bottle of Boone’s Farm (Orange Hurricane).

  • Biggs 06Oct08

    What a pleasant surprise you people are bringing!

    I was about to go spend Danny’s 10 spot on a bulk pack of microwave popcorn. Then Roger mentioned that we should probably be saving these generous donations to pay for hosting costs.

    So that’s what I’m gunna do.

    But once that’s all paid off…those new burgundy floormats for my Miata are as good as mine!

    Thanks again to Danny, and all of you who have decided to donate.

    You’ve re-energized to project…and 0020 is well on it’s way.


  • Biggs 07Oct08

    I’m considering lifting the skirt a bit more for your hard-core folks.

    Would anyone be interested in listening in to a live stream of the next episode being recorded?

    It’s a long tedious process. But some of you may find it interesting, and perhaps would further appreciate the effort that goes into producing an episode.

    It would be a winamp/shoutcast stream.

    I’ll consider it based on response here.

    Begin voting now.


  • Destin 07Oct08

    I’d love that.

  • Marcelo 07Oct08

    Me too.

  • George 07Oct08

    Nein danke… Ich hore nur podcasts, bitte.

  • PL 07Oct08

    Put me down for yes.

  • Danny Boy 08Oct08

    Its like knowing how Slim Jims are made! What could possibly go wrong… I’m in!

  • McMonkey 08Oct08

    I’m in on the live stream idea! If we have any, can we post questions or suggestions after we hear it?

  • george 09Oct08

    OOPS! My reply was in German. I meant to say “No, thank you.”

  • Destin 09Oct08

    You missed the part with the poor German where you said that you only listen to podcasts.

    This is having low voter turn-out… I’m afraid that we may need to a run a TV ad if we’re to get Biggs to do this! Or… perhaps he’ll be persuaded by the international outpouring of support from a Brazilian and an unconvincing German. Either way, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; it’s not just any day that The Great Biggs offers to show us his magic. We can’t let it pass us up… we have to do something!

  • Matt 09Oct08

    Hey Biggs, I hope you got my ten bucks. And I hope you do another show soon – this stuff is great, and your show is amazing!

  • Abbie 10Oct08

    Yes! Skirt!
    I was actually hoping you would do something like that- I’ve been curious how it’s put together.

  • Matt 10Oct08

    Wow, and I definitely vote “YES” to the making-the-show stream. Bigtime yes.

  • Biggs 10Oct08

    A few things,

    First and foremost…a sincere thank you to all who have donated recently. I had no idea people would actually care enough to shell out hard-earned cash to support the show. But a lot of you have. You’ve paid for our hosting costs, and we’re working towards next year’s as well. So again, thanks. (NO, we will NEVER charge for the show. It’ll always be a “give something if you want” kinda deal.)

    Secondly, there seems to be enough interest in the behind-the-scenes stream. But I want to make a few things clear.

    1-It’s still not a done deal. Still working out the technical feasibility.
    2-This, if done at all, will be a one time event. We want to focus on the production, not the stream.
    3-The recording sessions are long, at night, and lack most of the bells and whistles you may expect from the show. Those are edited in later. You’ll only hear phone calls and the two of us talking, doing retakes of poorly worded segments, and making things up as we go along. In short, it’s likely to be very boring, for some of you. But there may be cursing, so there’s that.
    4- IF we pull this off, we’ll only be able to accommodate 64 listeners. So it’ll be first come first served. I’ll give you a date and time a day or so ahead of time, and a link to the stream will be posted here as soon as it’s up and running.

    Let’s hope it happens. Could be fun.

    -CR (Biggs)

  • george 11Oct08

    I’m not sure why Destin always has a boner for me in the “giving George shit department” but I am sure I don’t care.

  • Biggs 13Oct08

    Things are looking good for the stream.

    We just have to get the phone calls edited…then we’ll announce what night we’ll be recording.

    It’ll be a weeknight, sometime after 7pm Pacific. Could run an hour or two.

    -CR (Biggs)

    P.S. – Matt, got it! And thanks!

    P.P.S – McMonkey, certainly questions are accepted. The answers are likely to disappoint, however.

  • Destin 13Oct08

    Hooray! The Great Biggs truly is a noble man. I can hardly wait… we’ve all been suffering withdrawals waiting for the next show, but the wait sure sounds like it will be worth it. It’s still going to be recorded so we can listen to the live version again if we so desire, right? It’d be a shame to not be able to relive such pricelessness.

  • Biggs 13Oct08


    The “live version” will be like sitting in as a live audience during a sitcom. Kinda dry, awkward, and without any flair.

    Then, we edit and prepare, fix the gaffs, and post the completed show ASAP.

    Listening to the “Live Stream” and listening to the completed show will be two very different experiences. And it will hopefully help some of you to understand exactly how much work goes into the show.

    Stand By!

    -CR (Biggs)

  • George 14Oct08

    Is 76 comments an all time record high? And yes, I am writing a book, thankyouverymuch.

  • Bobby 15Oct08

    Yes. I’d be very interested in the live stream. Being on the east coast I’d probably be able to get it at work (unless Websense block it )

  • Biggs 15Oct08

    We’re looking at this Monday evening at 7:15ish Pacific.

    Save the date.

    Check back here for the URL.

    While you wait, you may to make sure you have a media player capable of playing a *.PLS media stream.

    These include Winamp, iTunes, VLC, RealPlayer, and several other players. Windows Media Player will not work without a codec added.


  • Abbie 16Oct08

    This is what I call super-serving your P-1s.

  • Rupert Buttermilk 16Oct08

    Sign me up for a listener to the editing. Love you Biggs, you are truly a gentleman’s gentleman these days.

  • Biggs 16Oct08

    Great. See you Monday Evening.

    But a clarification…it’s a recording session only. We won’t subject you to the editing. That would drive you insane.


  • Bobby 20Oct08

    Will you post a link here?

  • Biggs 20Oct08

    Here’s the URL to listen in to the recording tonight after 7:15pm Pacific.

    It may or may not work until that time. We’ll definitely have something streaming after 7:15pm to let you know we’re there.

    -CR (Biggs)

  • Matt 20Oct08

    Man, I can’t wait. Just two hours to go

  • BigE 20Oct08

    LOVE the livecast!!! Cool as hell, but learned some things early on that I probably didn’t want to know. Post Production is where all sorts of magic happens!

  • Abbie 20Oct08

    Thanks guys that was really awesome.

    My only question is, whither Wizzbangs? Not a single mention? Is that section done seperately?

  • PL 20Oct08

    Thanks for the cast, great material! Keep it up!

  • Rupert Buttermilk 21Oct08

    Hahaha, I remember hearing the original ‘G-Man’ phone call (search youtube for ‘Gordon Freeman Radio’ or something), being a half life fan. Loved how you guys turned it around.

    Do you guys use something like a flash soundboard, where you can play clips of the phone call just by clicking on different buttons, so you can quickly make the caller say what you want them to say?

  • Biggs 21Oct08

    No soundboard. It’s a continuous recording that we’ve edited and arranged in the order we need.


  • Marcelo 21Oct08

    Thanks for the mention, Mr. Biggs!

  • Matt 22Oct08

    Thanks for the livecast, Biggs! That was a blast, I taped it and listened in the car today. Can’t wait to hear the finished show!

  • Elias Hiebert 23Oct08

    “Love you Biggs, you are truly a gentleman’s gentleman these days.”

    He’s a valet?

  • Biggs 23Oct08

    We’ve decided after listening that the first call fell kinda flat. So we’re re-recording that portion tonight. Hopefully you will notice the difference.


  • Rupert Buttermilk 23Oct08

    What program do you guys use for editing the show?

  • Biggs 23Oct08

    We’re exclusively on Adobe Audition 1.5


  • George 29Oct08

    I give up. We are never going to hear a new show. That whole Monday listen as they make a show was a hoax.

  • Biggs 29Oct08

    Just shows what you know.

    Editing it right now.

    Post will be in a few hours.

    So there, jerkass. Chew on that. You jerkass.

    But I mean jerkass in a nice way.


  • George 29Oct08

    Tee Hee Hee… he fell for it. AGAIN!

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