Ask Mr. Biggs #0020 – Mr. Biggs speaks Pork

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Recommends using protective eyewear while operating power tools.
  • Suggests a forward approach when considering workplace relationships.
  • Warns against heeding ill-advised instruction from under-informed people.
  • Considers unconventional bit choices when tackling non-traditional DIY projects.
  • Uses coded language to protect the listener’s delicate sensibilities.
  • Bestows the value of specialty tools in emergency situations.

27 Replies to “Ask Mr. Biggs #0020 – Mr. Biggs speaks Pork”

  1. What did you call me in show 19 comments? Jerkass? Listen you jackhole, I don’t care how big you are in the radio business, you can’t treat the listeners like that. You are as bad as Adam Carolla for cripes sake.

  2. That’s odd… I don’t remember “Your fans” having a comment here yesterday. In fact George’s was first. I wonder how “Your fans” could magically have appeared there. Perhaps our little radio show hosts aren’t as modest as they seem, hmm? Regardless, ’twas a decent episode.

  3. I don’t know if you wish to be identified….

    So to he and/or she who just donated the five spot, thanks!

    Right into the 2009 hosting fund. Well, most of it. A portion will be wasted on candy and gum.


  4. Ran short on the advertising budget this month.

    I’m surprised that a few people have noted the Whizzbangs! absence. Who knew you cared?


  5. How can we NOT care about Whizzbangs??? What else am I going to do on a thursday night??? You have to keep us informed!

  6. Quick question, guys. I recently sent you an email asking whether or not it’d be ok for me to include a 2-3 minute clip of your show for my podcast (obviously, it’d be for a segment where I’ll be talking about your show). Haven’t gotten an email back. Any word?


  7. Sorry about that. Never saw that email. Roger?!?!?!

    Go right ahead. Make sure to put a link here to your show as well, we’d love to give it a listen.


  8. Wait a minute? Gordon? G-man in a suit? Portals?

    …I see what you did there, Mr. Biggs. I’m wondering, though, if there was cake at the studio that day. Was there cake?

  9. Quick question for you guys (since you’re THAT awesome)… how would one go about getting one of those wonderful flash audio players/streamers that you have for each episode? I’ve been looking around for one for my website, and realized that the one you guys have is the simplest, and my favourite. I’ve seen it a few places online, but I don’t know where I can get it.

    P.S. – I sincerely hope you never stop this show.

  10. Is there an Armondo fan club site? I was always impressed with his bleeping skills and his technical knowledge.

  11. There is not.

    Perhaps this is an opportunity to start one yourself?

    Let us know if you do. We’d be pleased to promote it.


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