Show #0021 – Mr. Biggs does it personally

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Places high value on personal appearance.
  • Uses acronyms to recall helpful phrases.
  • Dislikes being sidetracked by poor memory.
  • Suggests better living through technology.
  • Uses creative pricing to draw in customer traffic.
  • Doesn’t care for video game playing.

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Posted on December 10th, 2008

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  • Cena 10Dec08

    *sees last summary bullet point*


  • Cena 10Dec08

    Ok, so I just finished actually listening today, and as a gamer, I was appauled…

    …by Roger’s unclean mouth! Roger, how could you? It’s a family show!

  • Destin 10Dec08

    That guy sure knows his binary well….

  • The Bohemian Reject 10Dec08

    A new episode??? So soon?? It’s like it’s Christmas! Thanks guys!

  • MrBigE 11Dec08

    Bra-vo! Another episode! Christmas came early this year. Good stuff, Biggs!

  • shpef (Eric Yruegas) 11Dec08

    W00t! New Biggscast last night…

  • Abbie 11Dec08

    Put me down for $7.50 in dollar shots!

  • Marc Elias 02Jan09

    Mad funny! Keep em’ coming..

  • Effitt_All 08Feb09

    Mr. Biggs is sooo mean to Roger. I mean really, Roger seems like such a nice guy. One of these days Roger is gonna give Biggs such a thump……

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