Show #0023 – Mr. Biggs doesn’t pigeonhole

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Is skeptical about inter-species communication.
  • Prefers subtle imagery in his musical selections.
  • Cautions against overpressure in irrigation systems.
  • Enjoys healthy competition with youngsters.
  • Avoids narrowly classifying musicians.
  • Is familiar with the concept of double entendres, but not the term.

blank white


blank white

Posted on March 2nd, 2009

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  • cat guy 02Mar09

    I’m alone…

  • Cena 03Mar09


    My random call to the K-Shine Line got featured as a bonus…


  • Abbie 03Mar09

    That really was a great episode.

  • Hieronymus W. Bush 04Mar09

    Where did you get the antique sound-on-sound cassette deck? I’ll give you 20 bucks for it.

  • Colonel Kurz 04Mar09

    The horror…

    The horror.

  • Destin 04Mar09

    Good show, but “that’s what she said” jokes are LAME!

  • Biggs 04Mar09


    That’s courtesy of the Record-A-Call 690 answering machine that K-Shine uses. They don’t make ’em anymore. So it’s gunna take more than $20. That baby’s a classic.


  • PL 18Mar09

    Great show. Keep it up.

  • Cena 14Apr09

    …what’s happened? What’s with no updating?

  • Biggs 14Apr09


    Scanning the dial, looking for entertaining call material. Pickin’s are slim.

    Not gone. Just simmering.


  • Cena 23Apr09

    Understandable. Looking forward to whatever comes.

  • Destin 25Apr09

    In the mean time, let’s look backwards at whatever came.

  • Cena 29Apr09

    I’ve been listening to the old episodes in Art Class. I find it relaxing. Yes.

  • Abbie 29Apr09

    I could listen to Biggs read the white pages all night long.

  • Destin 02May09

    I HAVE listened to Biggs read the white pages all night long. Unfortunately, it’s not as enjoyable as you might think. He REALLY struggles with some of those names….

  • Cena 04May09

    Mebbe, in the meantime, Mr. Biggs would like to be interviewed by the Golden Sun Realm Podcast?

  • Tim 17May09

    When are you guys going to update?? This is one of the few podcasts I’ll actually listen to.

  • Abbie 27May09

    Error opening file!


  • disgruntled wisenheimer 28May09

    The show drought has gone on for almost 3 months. Somebody hit Biggs with the cattle prod.

  • Biggs 28May09

    We’re not gone. Just busy with the summer BBQ season afoot.

    But good things will come to those who wait.


  • Cena 28May09

    There Will Be Brawl episode 5 is an example of such philosophy. Hang tight, fellas.

  • Abbie 30Jun09

    Okay I’ve patiently waited a third of a year. No more Mr. Biggs is what I fear!

  • Bob3000 13Jul09

    I heard that Roger was into the MMA circuit. Did he take a bad knockdown? Is this what is slowing down the new podcast? I told him to stay with categorizing sweaters at JC Penney bit noooooo … he just had to train for UFC 100.

  • the Bohemian Reject 19Jul09

    I paid good money for this service Biggs! Don’t you dissapoint me!

  • Hugh Jorgan 27Jul09

    Sunday will be the 5 month anniversary since Biggs posted a show.

  • Cena 27Jul09




  • Nate 19Aug09

    Dear god….he’s dead. He’s probably dead.

  • The Grantman 24Aug09

    We’re coming up on the 6 month mark for this show drought.

  • Cena 27Aug09

    No! Biggs can’t die! He’s made of kryptonite.

  • The Grantman 29Aug09

    He’s dead. Otherwise he would have moderated this comment.

  • The Grantman 02Sep09

    OK Biggs. It’s been 6 months. What are you trying to prove here? Deadbeats like your listeners have rights also. You have exercised your right to remain silent long enough. Get with it buddy. You’re running out of dead grandparents.

  • Destin 03Sep09

    I just got an e-mail from Biggs. He must be toying with us….

  • The Fab 2 12Sep09

    If he’s got time to moderate comments and send emails then he has time to do the show. My guess: he has discovered opiates.

  • LP 29Sep09

    This isn’t a full comment. It is only 1/3 of a comment.

  • Cena 05Oct09

    I offered him an opportunity to help guest-host an episode of the Golden Sun Realm podcast (against better judgement, as he CLEARLY looks down upon games and their players…:/), and I got an email that he was gonna discuss some tech stuff with Roger about it, but nothing has come from it so far…

    Biggs, I await your response.

  • LP 02Nov09

    It’s been 8 months today since you put up a show, turd.

  • Bill Balance 23Nov09

    Oh when are we going to hear sage advice from the golden throat of Mr. Biggs and the guttural utterings of his semi-retarded side kick whats-his-name? It’s starting to look a little like Christmas… if you catch my drift. Speaking of drifts, quit snowing us and put up a new episode. Please… pretty please… please with Peruvian marching powder on top.

  • Ho Ho Ho 15Dec09

    Nine months since we had a show. Isn’t it time to deliver this baby?

  • Hoooboy 25Dec09

    Here it is Christmas day and Santa didn’t bring us a new show.

  • Sorry folks 02Jan10

    It ain’t gonna happen. In the meantime I am listening to Adam Carolla podcasts at
    Happy New Year!

  • Cena 02Jan10

    Biggs. Dude.

    We need you.

  • Biggs 04Jan10

    Me too!

    Get it on. Got to get it on.

    No choice but to get it on.


    —–We’re working on a new show. Really. Swearsies.

  • Sorry folks 08Jan10

    Pinky swear?

  • Biggs 08Jan10

    I don’t believe in swearing. It’s a sure sign of a weak mind. And it’s dirty.

    But, yeah. We’re working on it a little every day.


  • Sorry folks 21Jan10

    Crap, might as well wait until March 2nd and make it a full year between shows.

    Pod-fade! Pod-fade! Pod-fade!

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