Show #0025 – Mr. Biggs has plenty of onions

In this episode we learn that Mr. Biggs. . .

  • Turns delivery mishaps into popular lunchtime specials.
  • Combines organizational tasks with social bonding activities.
  • Makes insightful use of visual metaphors when explaining complex, difficult-to-grasp size and/or spatial dimensions.
  • Has no idea what happened to the missing Figure 8 Race tickets.
  • Knows all too well about the self-aggrandizing tendencies of the younger crowd.
  • Makes careful distinctions between different kinds of accidental fluid exudation scenarios.

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Posted on July 13th, 2010

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  • Destin 13Jul10

    Yes! A new episode! I’m glad that you’ve returned to us again.

  • SDbiggsfan 14Jul10

    Sweet! New episode! That’s what she said!

  • Biggs 15Jul10

    That’s what who said? What?

  • Destin 15Jul10

    Quit confusing the poor guy. You know that that stuff is over his head….

  • Biggs 15Jul10

    What are you people talking about? This is why nobody goes on internet anymore. People talk crazy.

  • CoffeeShopFrank 16Jul10

    Another great episode, Biggs. Keep up the good work.

    Did you find the Figure 8 Race tickets yet?

  • Grant Young 17Jul10

    Holy Sh!t! A new episode! Isn’t this one of the “end times signs” as foretold in the Bible?

  • Bitter and Jaded 19Jul10

    The box is definitely empty! Cue the shark, get ready to jump.

  • Biggs 19Jul10

    I swear to God, you people on Internet have your own language or something. Talk like people, will you?


  • Sly observer 22Jul10

    Mr. Biggs may have plenty of onions but he doesn’t have the stones to make soup… so to speak.

  • Bewildered Tourist 22Jul10

    The ads on TV say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” so why did the gonorrhea that I got there come home with me? The wife is pissed!

  • Cena 05Aug10

    New Biggs was satisfying! Why did no one else inform me that there would a new episode?

    Also, check your VM when you get a chance, Biggs. :3

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