Ask Mr. Biggs #0027 – Mr. Biggs enjoys pokes

In this episode, Mr. Biggs clarifies several misconceptions about the effects and consequences of carelessly placed electrical appliances. Later, a lesson in both clarity and brevity. Also, a longtime listener queries Mr. Biggs about a common, but often neglected, gardening issue.

9 Replies to “Ask Mr. Biggs #0027 – Mr. Biggs enjoys pokes”

  1. Yay, more Biggs! There was a great collection of calls for this one. People who think that they understand anything about physics when they actually don’t are the best. Thanks, Biggs!

  2. At least now we know where the hot place to be is. I see some good marketing money was spent on Whizzbangs promotion. maybe they should spend some money on repairing the restrooms, I don’t understand why all the men’s stalls have those holes in the side walls.

  3. Hey Biggs!
    You have the best podcast on iTunes, please continue. How often do you put out a new podcast episode? The world needs more of you.

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