Ask Mr. Biggs #0029 – Mr. Biggs celebrates five years

In 2006, armed with little more than a lifetime of knowledge and an inquisitive mind, Cecil Bartholomew Biggs began his call-in radio show. Along with his dependable co-host, Roger, Mr. Biggs has tackled a wide variety of queries and conundrums from the Tri-County populace.

Join us as we present to you some of the most unforgettable moments from the first five years of the Ask Mr. Biggs program.

18 Replies to “Ask Mr. Biggs #0029 – Mr. Biggs celebrates five years”

  1. Congratulations. Mr. Biggs for President. Put that on a t-shirt and sell it. I just wonder who he could get for VP…. Hmmm…

  2. If Biggs is running for President I think Ron Jeremy would be a great V.P. running mate! Imagine the bumper sticker “Biggs and Bigger 2012”

  3. I can’t wait until the second annual 5th Anniversary celebration.

    (There, we got it Clay, you happy now?)

  4. Sept 7th will be six months since there was a new episode. On that day I say, publish or perish. You have done great work Clay but the well seems to be running dry.

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