Show #0029 – Mr. Biggs celebrates five years

Five short years ago, armed with little more than a lifetime of knowledge and an inquisitive mind, Cecil Bartholomew Biggs began his call-in radio show. Along with his dependable co-host, Roger, Mr. Biggs has tackled a wide variety of queries and conundrums from the Tri-County populace.

Join us as we present to you some of the most unforgettable moments from the Ask Mr. Biggs program.

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Posted on March 7th, 2011

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  • Big E 07Mar11

    What’s the deal? Downloadly no worky!?

  • Cena 07Mar11

    It isn’t up on iTunes yet, Biggs.

  • Biggs 07Mar11

    Should be any moment…feed has been fixed.


  • Tim 07Mar11

    Congratulations. Mr. Biggs for President. Put that on a t-shirt and sell it. I just wonder who he could get for VP…. Hmmm…

  • patrick 07Mar11

    Congrats Biggs on 5 years!!!!!

  • Matt 10Mar11

    Five more years! Five more years!

  • SDBiggsFan 14Mar11

    Congrats Mr Biggs! Five more years!

  • Bob3000 16Mar11

    Love the intro guy, make it a regular bit.

  • Casual Observer 20Mar11

    If Biggs is running for President I think Ron Jeremy would be a great V.P. running mate! Imagine the bumper sticker “Biggs and Bigger 2012”

  • Heywood Jablowme 23Apr11

    I can’t wait until the second annual 5th Anniversary celebration.

    (There, we got it Clay, you happy now?)

  • Frank 01May11

    There’s nobody like Biggs.

    Congratulations for giving us five years of advice!

  • Fred Hyden 27Aug11

    Sept 7th will be six months since there was a new episode. On that day I say, publish or perish. You have done great work Clay but the well seems to be running dry.

  • Fred Hyden 11Sep11

    So long Biggs. It’s been fun but too far between.

  • Jordan 05Oct11

    I miss you, Biggs and Roger (and Mondo!). Please come back to us soon!

  • Hugh Jorgan 25Oct11

    Ha ha ha ha… now I get it! It will be 5 years until the next episode.


  • Barry McCokkinner 10Dec11

    It’s been a long time, but we will wait forever. Literally. Or illiterately.

  • Miami Dolphin Fan 25Dec11

    Gee, wouldn’t a cool Christmas present be a new episode of Biggs? *sigh*

  • Biggs 25Dec11

    Well…K-Shine studios are closed for Xmas. But you should expect something before New Years .


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