Ask Mr. Biggs #0030 – Mr. Biggs makes sausage

In this episode, Mr. Biggs reveals a novel approach to handling condiment distribution. He also recommends specialty tools for unique repair scenarios, and reasonable timetables for family get-togethers. He desires that everyone be treated equally…regardless of their disability.  Also, he makes a shocking realization regarding social media privacy policies.

13 Replies to “Ask Mr. Biggs #0030 – Mr. Biggs makes sausage”

  1. Thank you guys for yet another delightful serving of Mr. Biggs’ wisdom! You saved my first work day after the holidays.

  2. Mix does have the audio a bit too hard to the left. Right isn’t completely dead though. You might need a new torque limiter assembly. Get yourself to Grainger and order a new WESTWARD 5WFP0.

  3. Biggs and Roger:

    Is there a tool to remove a spudger if the spudger is stuck in my phone’s plastic housing?

    Would another spudger work or would that just cause more problems? I’m thinking I need to kick it up a notch and use something made of wood or metal.

    Please don’t try calling me at home with your answer. I got a spudger crammed in there tight.

    – Mike

  4. Mr. Biggs, please come out with a new episode. We’re dying here for chrissakes!

  5. It would be real cool if I could walk without crutches but what would be better is a new Ask Mr. Biggs episode!
    God bless us one and all… except Clay if he doesn’t come through.

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