Show #0030 – Mr. Biggs makes sausage

In this episode, Mr. Biggs reveals a novel approach to handling condiment distribution. He also recommends specialty tools for unique repair scenarios, and reasonable timetables for family get-togethers. He desires that everyone be treated equally…regardless of their disability.  Also, he makes a shocking realization regarding social media privacy policies.


Posted on December 30th, 2011

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  • Barry McCokkinner 30Dec11

    Thank you!

  • Destin 30Dec11

    Another excellent episode, Biggs! I wish we could hear from you guys more often.

  • Biggs 30Dec11

    anybody experienceing missing right channel audio ? We may have overtorqued our loadletter spring.

  • Al 02Jan12

    Thank you guys for yet another delightful serving of Mr. Biggs’ wisdom! You saved my first work day after the holidays.

  • Harvey J. Hollector 05Jan12

    WTF?? A new episode? Maybe those Mayans were on to something after all.

  • SDBiggsFan 05Jan12



    HOORAY! Thanks for making another show Mister Biggs, excellent as always :)

  • wohali 13Jan12

    Mix does have the audio a bit too hard to the left. Right isn’t completely dead though. You might need a new torque limiter assembly. Get yourself to Grainger and order a new WESTWARD 5WFP0.

  • Jordan 19Jan12

    Biggs/Roger, never stop. Please. Please, never stop. I don’t care how long I have to wait, just keep going.

  • OHwriter 10Mar12

    Biggs and Roger:

    Is there a tool to remove a spudger if the spudger is stuck in my phone’s plastic housing?

    Would another spudger work or would that just cause more problems? I’m thinking I need to kick it up a notch and use something made of wood or metal.

    Please don’t try calling me at home with your answer. I got a spudger crammed in there tight.

    – Mike

  • Mr.Sardonicus 09Jul12

    Mr. Biggs, please come out with a new episode. We’re dying here for chrissakes!

  • Insufferable wisecracker 12Sep12

    What? Are we going for a new record of NO SHOWS in 2012?

  • Tiny Tim 30Nov12

    It would be real cool if I could walk without crutches but what would be better is a new Ask Mr. Biggs episode!
    God bless us one and all… except Clay if he doesn’t come through.

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