Show #0031 – Mr. Biggs needs a model number

In this episode, Mr. Biggs shares a few tips to get more life out of outdated kitchen appliances. Additionally, he advises visual inspections by qualified personnel when servicing electrical sub panels, supports the procurement of legally binding paperwork, and encourages taking personal accountability for biological cleanup on public walkways.


Posted on December 3rd, 2012

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  • eliterrell 03Dec12

    Sweet! I’m going to have to clear some quality time in my schedule for this.

  • Destin 04Dec12

    Another great show! I laughed myself to tears with both of the first two calls. I wish we could hear from you guys more often.

  • Mr. Sardonicus 05Dec12

    Welcome back Biggs! Keep them coming though!Flan is as good as person who prepares it.

  • Previously disgruntled 08Dec12

    OMG! The Mayans are right, it is the end of the world as evidence by the bible verse “lo and behold before the end cometh the sky will open up and people will be pleading with Mr. Biggs for mercy.”

  • PODGODZ 29 « PODGODZ 09Dec12

  • Previously disgruntled 13Dec12

    Is Destin a buddy of yours?

  • SDBiggsFan 21Dec12

    ‘Lectric Sardines!

  • Destin 26Dec12

    Indeed, Mr. Previously disgruntled, I am a self-aggrandizing sockpuppet for Mr. Biggs. Alas! I have been caught in the act!

    WHAT TO DO?!

    WHAT TO DO?!

  • Previously disgruntled 01Jan13

    Sock puppet? Does he use you to catch his load when he waxes the weasel?

  • Mr. Sardonicus 21Feb13

    You guys gonna wait till next December for a new show or what? You guys are the greatest! Please keep the shows coming!

  • The Hipster 17Mar13

    10 bucks says episode 31 is the last episode.

  • Jason Nathanson 07Jun13

    What I like about Biggs’ show is you can forget about it for six months, come back, and he STILL hasn’t posted a new episode.

  • George MacLeod 02Aug13

    Mr. Biggs needs a hell of a lot more than a model number! Mr. Biggs needs a new episode. As the Lone Ranger would say, pronto, Tonto!

  • Tom Lennon 19Aug13

    Who’s up for a pool? One dollar per date for when there is a new show.

  • Abbie 31Oct13

    We miss Biggs! How about a Nightvale/Biggs crossover.

  • Miley Sirus 04Nov13

    OKAY, coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the posting of a new show. Thinking that AskMrBiggs is going to be an annual thing from now on.

  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta! 28Dec13

    RIP Ask Mr. Bigs

  • Shane 28Dec13

    Sadly mr Biggs seems to have retired. No episode for almost 13 months. Time to unsubscribe. :-(

  • RIP Biggs 16Jan14

    13 months and no updates. Sadly, I must unsubscribe. RIP Ask Mr. Biggs… We will miss you.

  • Adolf Oliver Bush 17Jan14

    Well, you skipped 2013 entirely!
    Any new shows on the horizon?

  • Wombatus 25Feb14


  • Disgruntled 49ers fan 08Apr14

    For the love of God, somebody please give Biggs a model number so he can go back to making shows.

  • Fortrash programmer 29Apr14

    OK Biggs, we know you are reading these comments because you are approving them. So fess up and tell us what is going on. Did you discover Hillbilly Heroin? Is your partner balking at ideas? Have you been sued for stealing bits off the radio? Toss us a bone here.

  • Cena 14May14

    Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggs :cccccc

  • Brad 22Jun14

    I re-listen to your shows all the time, Roger & Mr. Biggs. Hoping to hear more from you one of these years. Thanks for all the shows you’ve given us. You guys are the best.

  • Disgruntled LA Rams fan 24Aug14

    Come on Biggs, get a new show up before Dec 2 so we won’t have to endure the same of going 2 whole years without a show. I dare you. Nay, I double dog dare you.

  • Mr. Sardonicus 09Mar15

    It’s been 3 years c’mon!

  • Chad 09Apr15

    Still longing for new advice from Mr. Biggs…

  • God 21Apr15

    Biggs, this is God. Either put out a new episode or I will call you home.

  • Harvey J. Hollector 19Aug15

    Put up or shut up Biggs. (translation: post a new episode or take down the site.)

  • iwillwait4u 31Oct15

    If it takes forever I will wait for you
    For a thousand summers I will wait for you
    Till you’re back beside me, till I’m holding you
    Till I hear you sigh here in my arms

    We miss you Mr. Biggs!

  • Adolf Oliver Bush 01Mar16

    Uh oh… coming up on four years without a new show. What’s it gonna take, four hookers and a pound of blow in a penthouse suite at the Rio in Vegas to get you to get it in gear?

  • Radiodork 01Mar16

    What are you talking about? I’m doing a new show every week.

    Did that hairlip Carl forget to post them? We have a new web intern, this is his wheelhouse.

    Roger,… ask Carl if he’s posting the show to internets. He’s been cutting corners everywhere. I don’t trust that little bullumhead. This guy says he hasn’t seen a show in four weeks.


  • PL 07Dec16

    I miss you Mr. B!

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