Stick It #002 – Restoring Vehicle Interiors and Removing Unknown Adhesives

In this episode, car headliner repair and cleaning unknown substances from children’s hair.

An advice podcast about glues and adhesives. From the producers of Ask Mr. Biggs.

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Episode 002 Show Notes
In this episode, Biggs and Roger:

  • Talk about people binge watching (listening) to the episodes.
  • Talk about NOT imagining podcast listeners in their underwear.
  • Learn that Biggs did not go to radio college but has an inane ability to be a broadcaster.
  • Discuss an adhesive BREAKING NEWS story out of Bryan, Texas, involving a damaged headliner inside a police department cruiser.

– Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.
– WARNING: Some adhesives stink really bad. Use proper ventilation.
– Politely ask potential criminals to not mess with a headliner while adhesive cures.

  • Answer a listener’s email concerning removal of glue and/or glue residue from a child’s hair and head.

– Time is better spent by removing the material instead of writing an email to a podcast and awaiting a reply.
– Bring in the solvents as needed starting with rubbing alcohol.
– Everclear may be used if available, but respect all liquor control laws in your local community.
– Find an excuse to explain why your child has a shaved head.

Products featured in Episode 002 were:

3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive (spray) (3M Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive was invented to be an extremely versatile, fast-drying spray adhesive that bonds a wide range of lightweight materials. Its permanent bond provides fast results to keep projects moving ahead. The photo-safe spray formula is easy to dispense and apply directly onto surfaces and materials where needed, with no soak-in or yellowing over time. )

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