Stick It #004 – Monument Repair and Restoring Rustic Furniture

In this episode, repairing granite memorial cracks, and restoring live-edged wooden seats.

An advice podcast about glues and adhesives. From the producers of Ask Mr. Biggs.

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Episode 004 Show Notes
In this episode, Biggs and Roger:

  • Discuss being picked up by a podcast syndicate.
  • Are surprised that 3M has not called to offer large sums of money in advertising.
  • Decide that vulgarity is not needed in an adhesive and glue podcast.
  • Discuss an adhesive BREAKING NEWS item out of Tarboro where a family tomb was damaged and the cemetery owner refused to assist with repairs.

– Mausoleum cracks can cause spirits or ghosts to ooze out.
– Mold situations are caused by moisture.
– A fresh caulking gun can do wonders.
– Caulk all mausoleum spook holes during daylight hours.
– A gallon of distilled water, blessed by a priest, can be helpful.

  • Answer a listener’s email about reattaching a live edge piece of bark to a slab of wood being used as an outdoor bench.

– Twine is good to tie things.
– Confusion can be eliminated by saying stuff that’s not so nutty.

Products featured in Episode 004 were:

Red Devil Masonry & Concrete Repair (Masonry and Concrete Acrylic Sealant – caulk type – is an acrylic compound for repairing and sealing cracks and joints in concrete, masonry stone, cinder block and brick. The gray textured finish blends easily with masonry and provides excellent outdoor durability. Red Devil brand is especially suited for sealing cracks in a crypt, but really packing it in with a caulking gun is encouraged.)

Red Devil Masonry & Concrete Repair Amazon affiliate link:
Red Devil 0646 Masonry and Concrete Acrylic Sealant Repair Gray 10.1 Oz Cartridge


Distilled water (Distilled water is water that has had many of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. Distilled water is favored for use by manufacturers for use in their appliances because of the lack of impurities and minerals which can cause damage or a build-up of minerals. There are plenty of specific uses for distilled water including use in lead acid batteries, automotive cooling systems, steam irons, household aquariums, cigar humidors, airplane jet engines and hospital equipment. Once properly blessed, it can be used as holy water.)

Distilled water Amazon affiliate link:
Deer Park 11475171 Distilled Water with Easy-Pour Handle, 1-Gallon, 6-Pack


Jute twine (Natural jute twine cording comes in a wide assortment of colors and thicknesses. Jute twine consists of all-natural fibers in a double strand twist — and is ideal for macramé, jewelry, and accessories. Jute, a natural fiber, makes a wonderful embellishment for a variety of projects. A favorite of Roger’s, jute twine adds a rustic touch wherever you use it!)

Jute twine Amazon affiliate link:
KINGLAKE 300 Feet Natural Jute Twine