Stick It #008 – First Aid Taping Techniques and DIY Pest Control

In this episode, using adhesive tape to mend troublesome injuries, and the abatement of unusual-sized insects without harmful pesticides.

An advice podcast about glues and adhesives. From the producers of Ask Mr. Biggs.

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Episode 008 Show Notes:
In this episode…

  • Roger will now be doing the introduction.
  • Biggs is official show host and the person to tell others how to Stick It!
  • Debate over the pronunciation of “caulk”.
  • Stick It with Mr. Biggs is, officially, a family show.  All instances of profanity will be obscured,  and should be avoided.
  • Discuss a BREAKING NEWS item out of Wheatley Place, Blackwood, England, where a woman suffered from a broken toe.

– On the insistence of his nephew Cody, Biggs tried the cotton candy at the Tri-County Fair and Exhibition Hall.  Biggs feels the recipe could use some tweaking.
– A badly swollen sternum is difficult to comprehend.
– Biggs took a couple classes in First Aid but did not complete the course.
– Coban tape and a cotton ball can help splint a broken toe.
– Releasing the hook-and-loop fastener from a tight-fitting pair of shoes can bring about unexpected, yet wonderful, relaxation.
– Roger is reluctant in removing Biggs’ socks.
– Avoid breaking toes when possible.

  • Roger does not recognize an opportunity for levity and misses his mark at comedy gold. Biggs will now supply all levity.
  • Roger’s use of a sounder for the Stick It with Mr. Biggs Email Segment was unsolicited and unwarranted.
  • Answer a listener’s email concerning the construction of an oversized flytrap in the Toronto, Canada, area.

– A fly is attracted and trapped by sticky/stinky substances.
– Roger has seen a horse fly.
– While effective, Biggs frowns upon the product name “Sticky Ass Glue” and prefers to call it “SAG.”
– Emails need to be screened better.

  • Sometimes just completing a podcast is a win.

Products featured in Episode 008 were:

Coban tape (Coban bandage wraps are compression wraps that are made of a non-woven, breathable material that adheres to itself. The material is lightweight and water resistant. Coban will not adhere to skin or hair. It does not require any pins, clips, or tape to be kept in place. Although coban wraps are slip resistant, they can be undone and adjusted if necessary. Coban is frequently used to support a strained muscle or a sprained joint. The wraps are also used to secure non-adherent bandages to the body. There are many different colors and widths to choose from. This latex free coban is great for many things. For instance, if you use an indwelling Foley Catheter, the tubing can be secured to your leg using Coban tape. After inserting the balloon catheter, it is anchored to the thigh using a medical tube holder. The end of the catheter attaches to the tubing via a connector. The catheter tubing runs down the length of the user’s leg and allows urine to flow into the drainage bag. Wrapping a piece of Coban around the leg and catheter tubing can prevent the tubing from pulling or kinking. You can also use it to tape toes.)

Coban tape affiliate link:
Self Sticking Tape Tan Latex Free Coban 1”x5 Yard (Pack of 5 Rolls)


Kiddie pool (A kiddie pool, sometimes also referred to as a wading pool, is a small shallow area of water in which small children or adults can get their feet and lower bodies wet. An example of a wading pool is a kiddie pool at the water park that is only 2 feet deep. A wading pool for young children can be part of a larger, more permanent pool or it can be a temporary standalone pool made of hard, rigid, plastic or it can even be inflatable. A hard, rigid, plastic pool is also often used to bathe animals and, specifically, many dogs enjoy spending time on a hot summer day inside the wet center of a hard, rigid, plastic kiddie pool. Dogs and other animals can often puncture an inflatable pool causing it to, in turn, deflate. This Intex Beach Days Snapset Pool sets up easily for cool relief from hot days. This pool has a soft floor and soft walls. It is not recommended for dogs but may be suitable to help catch human-fly hybrids.)

Kiddie pool Amazon affiliate link:
Intex Snorkel Buddies 5ft Snapset Pool – 5’X10″


Tanglefoot (Tanglefoot can help trap and monitor ants, flies and beetles. It can detect and monitor pests without the use of harmful pesticides with Tangle-Trap Sticky Coatings. Tangle-Trap Sticky Coating is ready to use and will remain sticky until covered with insects or foreign matter. Use Tangle-Trap to re-coat existing traps or create custom traps and protect your garden, greenhouses, yards, orchards, and fields. Before using, you will need to stir product with the brush applicator. Apply a thin coating to your trap surface. Traps can be made with waxed cardboard, glass, wood, plastic cups, or other non-porous surfaces. Your trap should be attached to stakes or suspended, away from children and pets to avoid accidental contact. Observation and experimentation are recommended to achieve maximum results. See label for complete directions for use including how to trap giant human-fly hybrid creatures. Use as directed, and purchase approximately 50-95 cans to cover a kiddie pool.)

Tanglefoot Amazon affiliate link:
Tanglefoot 95008 Tangle-Trap Sticky Coating