Stick It #010 – Patching Plastics and Waterproofing Cabinetry Interiors

In this episode, repairing vandalized playground equipment, and how to treat under-sink areas for moisture resistance.

An advice podcast about glues and adhesives. From the producers of Ask Mr. Biggs.

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Episode 010 Show Notes:
In this episode, Biggs and Roger:

  • Learn Roger’s mom makes a fantastic banana bread.
  • There is a sweet-spot time to use squirty cream.
  • A ceramic bowl and tea towel are perfect for keeping things warm.
  • Ask Mr. Biggs is a podcast about glues and adhesives (and sometimes sealants).
  • Discuss a BREAKING NEWS item out of Somerton, Arizona, U.S.A., where a playground slide suffered damage.

– Neighborhood toughs are often walking around with hammers.
– The podcast uses the U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock as its official timepiece. Website exclusive: Check your current time!
– A plastic drum can used as a source of patch material.
– Orange cones provide an extra layer of protection along with a strongly-worded sign.
– Guys in kayak shops like FUNYUNS®.

  • Jump into the mail sack and answer a listener’s email out of Virginia, U.S.A., about waterproofing a cabinet under a kitchen sink.

– Never get sealing advice from an Uber driver. Many look shifty.
– Leak repairs are not covered on Ask Mr. Biggs, but Wally may be able to help.
– Old latex paint makes a sufficient water barrier for unprotected wood.
– Black mold is not good stuff.

  • It’s good to get a squeeze.

Products featured in Episode 010 were:

Mr Sticky’s Poly-Bonder (Fix it once. The ULTIMATE BOND IN WET OR DRY CONDITIONS! Mr. Sticky’s POLY-BONDER combines the bonding power of epoxy with the the resiliency of rubber to achieve a heavy duty bond. This means that Mr. Sticky’s POLY-BONDER resists vibration, shock and bending, so it stretches with the materials that it is glued to, even High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Non-Drip: Mr. Sticky’s Poly-Bonder is perfect for repairs on vertical surfaces! Rubberized: Mr. Sticky’s Poly-Bonder resists shrinkage, expansion, bending, vibration, shock and fatigue! Bond Hard to Glue Plastics: Our Poly-Bonder is the only glue that will bond to HDPE. Paintable and Sandable: You can sand and paint Mr. Sticky’s to match the contours of your project and paint to match colors for a seamless repair! Apply in wet or dry conditions: In or around water, on your patio, or in your house, Mr. Sticky’s Poly-Bonder will bond most of any material in any conditions! Use Mr. Sticky’s Poly-Bonder for hundreds of repair applications, including a playground plastic slide damaged by hammer-wielding toughs.)

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Mr. Sticky’s Poly-Bonder 30gr Manual Mix

Latex Paint (KILZ 2 Latex Multi-Surface Primer/Sealer/Stainblocker
has excellent adhesion and sealing properties! Trusted for almost 40 years, KILZ 2 Latex primer is a versatile, water-based primer, sealer and stainblocker for typical everyday surface preparation before painting. It is a reliable sealer and provides excellent adhesion for both interior and exterior surfaces. It’s great for color changes and has powerful stain blocking performance. Use on properly prepared surfaces free of dust, grease, chalk, mold, rust and peeling paint. Mix well before using. Apply with brush, roller, or spray. Where to Use? Use on drywall, woodwork, plaster, paneling, masonry, brick and painted metal. Can be used under or over latex or oil-based paint. Ideal for walls, ceilings and doors. When to Use: Blocks light to medium stains including minor water stains, ink, pencil, felt marker, grease and rust. Ideal for sealing porous interior and exterior surfaces as well as for color changes. When used correctly, latex paint can be used to make a moisture-inert environment under your kitchen sink. Please fix the leak.)

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