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crackerjackCheck back here periodically to find little nuggets that won’t appear in the regular Ask Mr. Biggs feed.

You’ll find behind the scenes audio, video, Roger’s personal art projects, Whizzbang’s coupon codes, leaked emails, pictures from Mondo’s personal digital camera, and assorted whatnot.

Download them all, and trade with friends!

Mr. Biggs considers Sunday delivery.

The private line at Whizzbangs is for Biggs’ personal use.  All calls made on that line are recorded, and may be used as evidence in the small claims suit that Mr. Biggs has against The Tri-County Times Sentinel.

Roger and Mr. Biggs review potential email.

The Ask Mr. Biggs radio program receives dozens of emails every month, some of which are questions from loyal listeners.  Here’s a peek into the vetting process that each email must go through before it can be answered on the air, during the broadcast.


Biggs seems to have misplaced his jacket.

Roger has a few things to do after the show.  NOTE: While the fellow in the recording was lucky enough to catch Roger before he left the studio, please understand that we only take live calls on The Shine Line during the live program.  Outside that time, feel free to leave a message with Kim.  If she’s not available, a voicemail will do.


Amusing Kyle’s Stand-Up Debut at Whizzbang’s!

Mr. Biggs presents one of the early performances by the current star of Sunday Night’s Funny Comedy Night @ Whizzbang’s.

Please note: This recording was from a late night adult-only show. This performance was not intended for those with delicate sensibilities. It is intended for adults 18+, and should not be made available to youngsters and impressionable young adults. Persons who find themselves easily offended by crass and explicit descriptions and scenarios should only download at their own risk.


Mystery Breakroom Cassette Recording

Recently someone discovered an unlabeled 120 minute cassette tape in the boombox located in the K-Shine breakroom.  It’s unclear how long it had been there.  On it, about 45-50 minutes of awkward lunchtime exchanges between various K-Shine employees.  One of the more interesting exchanges can be found here.  Date unknown.


A good, quaility, solid, calibrated scope.

Mr. Biggs checks the secondhand market for oscilloscopes.



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