What’s Internet saying about Ask Mr. Biggs?

Guy on internet magnifying glassJesse of Internet says…

“The show is now one of my favorites. I love the understated and subtle humor, and the cast of characters is brilliant. It’s the kind of show that really rewards getting into. Also the audio quality is probably the best I’ve heard in a podcast. And the show is so full of little details for those who are listening closely, I love it.”

Guy on internet magnifying glassZeke of Internet says…

…I hope you guys make lots of money so you will continue to make these hilarious podcasts. I was at the health club working out yesterday and you had me laughing so hard I couldn’t pedal the bike. People were checking me to see if I was ok. It’s the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. Keep up the great work.

Cena of lcanceled.blogspot.com says…

“…The audio is top-notch,… Excellent structure and great pacing leave the listener wanting more.

the show is amazing. Fans of radio shows and non-fans alike will be left laughing by a typical episode…”

The Bohemian Reject of bohemianreject.com says…

Bohemian RejectRoger is one of my favorite characters of all time. If you enjoy the dry wit and subtle “Did you get that?” humour of “The Office” then you’ll love Mr Biggs. His episode where he offers a Salute to the Working Man is a good place to start, but to really get your addiction on you’ll want to listen to two or more episodes. Moses, Duncan and I love it and we’re sure you will too.

Guy on internet magnifying glassNacho of Internet says…

…I just want to tell you guys that you’re the best stuff on the net right now. I download the episodes to my mp3 thingy and can’t stop laughing. You guys rock.

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Paulie of InsideThePerimeter.net says…

Inside the perimeter…The podcast wins big points for recycling actual talk radio call-ins into each episode. I will warn you that I am finding that it has taken me a few episodes in order to buy into the premise, but I am feeling rewarded for my commitment

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Ian Brill of maximumfun.org and The Sound of Young America says…

The Sound of Young America…Listening to the show I got a sense that its all taking place in a small town full of strange people… and creates a strong sense of place with satirical wit…The comedy on the show ends up sounding like a lot of the low key humor a lot of improvisers practice…There are a few laugh out loud episodes. Show #0016 features Mr. Biggs talking down a disgruntled former Whiz Bangs employee that’s a riot. But most of the time its just slight a glimpse into small town insanity.”

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boing boing… Ask Mr. Biggs!…is a…podcast…lift our skirt, and expose…

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LordMcD of iTunes says…

“A radio version of Adult Swim (5 STARS)


I knew the setup before I first listened to Ask Mr. Biggs, but I still didnt know what to expect. The callers, while all taken from real life, are wonderfully insane. However, I had expected the hosts to play it a little more… normal; instead I found myself laughing in wide-eyed astonishment at how dead-pan-ly bizarre they are. Within minutes I had realized that the people that brought us this show could just as easily have pitched it as a cartoon feature to Adult Swim — indeed, I can already picture the animated characters in my mind (somewhere between Space Ghost and Aqua Teen Hunger Force). If you like that brand of comedy — deluded, irreverent, but just grounded enough to make you think this could almost be real — you’ll love Ask Mr. Biggs.”

Royce Kitts of roycekitts.blogspot.com says…

Royce kittsAsk Mr. Biggs! An Internet radio show that mixes in clips from other real radio shows. Its hard to describe, but once you hear it…..my god, its genius. I would start with Show #0017 – Mr. Biggs simplifies Digital TV. I am a big fan of comedy albums and this episode is pretty close to being in my top ten. It is that good.”


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