Who is Mr. Biggs?

This is a great question with no easy answer!

For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him, Mr. Biggs is a local businessman, entrepreneur, and man-about-town. To say the least, he is a Tri-County fixture. If you happen to attend a local function such as the Semi-Annual Bicycle Safety Rodeo, the Downtown Cilantro Festival, or the Summer Car Hop and Hot Sauce-tacular, most likely Mr. Biggs is close at hand. You can’t miss his hearty laugh, his hip and stylish track suits, or his trademark horn-rimmed glasses.

As a community service to the public, Mr. Biggs hosts a local radio talk show during which he happily dispenses straight-forward, no-nonsense advice on a variety of everyday problems. Listeners call or e-mail Mr. Biggs’ program with questions about anything and everything: electronics, cooking, etiquette, personal hygiene, automotive repair, affairs of the heart, etc. No topic is off limits.

If it puzzles or perplexes, confuses or confounds, Mr. Biggs can figure it out.

In addition to being a repository of rare and useful knowledge, Mr. Biggs owns a personal computer and frequently browses the “World Wide Web”. This allows him access to a vast array of information resources.

During his popular radio program, Mr. Biggs also shares with listeners the latest happenings and promotions at his popular restaurant/nightclub, Whizzbang’s!

An avid bowler, Mr. Biggs holds several regional bowling titles. He also presides as the state’s Viceroy and Sergeant at Arms of the Regional Crawdad Abatement Task Force.

So don’t delay, download today. And enjoy the wonderful wit and wisdom of Mr. Biggs.


Who is Mr. Biggs?

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